About Us

Visvar In-House Guards Ltd is a private security firm having its headquarters at Visvar Mall Plot 54, Lubas Road Jinja. It was licensed and certified to handle security services in 2013 and it started operation with a force of 65 guards in number and over the years the numbers have gradually increased due to high demands.

Visvar In-House Guards Ltd is fully competent to handle security services with professionalism and enjoys a high reputation countrywide.  We have a team of knowledgeable and professional staff in security matters who aim at providing maximum customer satisfaction.

We offer the following services

Professional Services

Guarding Services

We supply trained both armed and unarmed security guards in any part of the country

Investigation Services

We have experienced and dedicated detectives who can handle both public and private investigation, background check on prospective employees and security checks on individuals and organizations.

VIP & Personal security

We provide personal body guard services as well as self-defense training for the individuals who require the service.

Our Principles


We ensure a high level of excellence in our service delivery


We have a high level of integrity and honesty when dealing with our


We commit our skills and abilities to ensure peace of mind and to remain market leaders in the security industry.

General conditions – Scope of services

• Our guards are to report for duty while dressed in full uniform as applicable to assume duties and relieve guards whose tour of duty is ending. Guards due to be relieved are to stay at their posts until their relief arrives.

• Upon arrival for duty, the guards will conduct inspection of their post and receive complete briefing from the guards on duty.

• The assigned guard in each location is to guard the inside perimeter of the compound from break-in and any intrusion from the outside.

• Guards are to strictly adhere to instructions received from security section.

Access control duties

•   The guards are to check and monitor all vehicles entering the compound.

•   Vehicles seeking entry to the premises are to be properly directed by the serving guards to the parking yards.

•   Traffic at main gates is to be directed in an orderly manner to maintain smooth flow of traffic and prevent accidents.

•   The guard is to enforce all traffic rules within the compound. Cars must be parked only in designated areas.

•   The guard must ensure that the removal of the clients property will be only permitted upon presentation of the properly signed property pass, or shall be permitted by the client.

•   The daily occurrence book (DOB) is to be issued to all locations for recording all activities. These include incidents and security related matters reported to security guards during their tour of the duty. The security guard on duty is responsible for that and the security section.

•   The security section is the only proprietor of the DOB; no other parties should be able to have access to its recordings without prior authorization of the chief security officer.