Competitive advantage.

We offer excellent services at fair prices and this has enabled us to remain the best outlet in Jinja hence hoping for a firm foundation in business.
Secondly, besides remunerations, we have also been sponsoring our key employees for further studies in the relevant programs which equip them with new skills which they apply in the business thereafter hence business growth.


We ensure that our staff is equipped with the latest information to fit in the dynamic world of technology, thus produce a very knowledgeable and professional team whose purpose is to offer maximum customer care.


Our major goal and objective is to ensure effective and efficient service delivery through job creation countrywide. We expanded our business empire by opening up branches ie a Casino branch in Mbale, apartments in Mukono and the Security services are operating in over twelve districts. We have endeavored to reduce the employment gap and currently we are employing over two hundred workers countrywide both directly and indirectly. Besides the above, we in the final process of purchasing land in Mbale where we plan to put up a shopping mall which will also house our Casino and apartments among other business.

Core values, purpose and organizational culture

  1. Professionalism: We ensure a high level of excellence in our service delivery
  2. Integrity: We commit to values of honesty respect and dignity by creating an open, transparent and trust based environment in all our interactions.
  3. Competent: We commit our skills and abilities to ensure review paper format peace of mind and remain market leaders in the service industry.
  4. Team work: we aim at building shared commitment by encouraging and supporting each other for quality customer service delivery and value in everything we do.
  5. Pro- Active: We aim at conquering all challenges and opportunities to ensure a competitive edge in the service delivery.
  6. Security Conscience: We partner with police and its security organizations to ensure the protection of life and property. This is done through seminars and alertness and against terrorism and others.

Our Company

Visvar Investments Ltd is a Limited Company which has been operating in the service industry for over 10years. Over the years, we have been engaged in various businesses ranging from entertainment in Clubs, Restaurant and Live Music, Casinos, Laundry, Real Estates development & Apartments, Security services and water & construction works among others

  Pursuing excellence in the service delivery

  Our work stands the test of time

  Motivated, highly-trained experts committed to their work